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Our 3 Instant Income Systems:

Income System #1: List Infinity

In addition to being our 1st instant income system, List Infinity also serves as a viral list builder!

In fact, if you want to keep things super simple (no website to set up), you can use it as your sole email lead capture system.

Of course, you can also earn up to $300 paid instantly to your PayPal or bank account. Zero waiting to get paid!

Watch the video now, then get started right away...

Income System #2: IPS

Our 2nd instant income system adds up to another $600 to your early funnel income, and serves as the most logical "upgrade" to List Infinity.

After all, "IPS" stands for "Infinity Processing System."

This can enhance your early earnings, giving you a much better chance to break even (or better) on any paid traffic you may be driving to your Triple Instant and/or List Infinity page.

This can change your life! Get started right away...

Income System #3: Easy 1UP

This final instant income system really sets this whole thing on fire... in the best of ways! 

Like... how about up to $5000 instant commissions?

With plenty of valuable traffic training, along with super-charged tools and resources to optimize your success, this system has it all, and can have others earning for you, too!

Their "pass up" function is superb. :)

Watch the video for details. Then...

Begin Your "List Infinity" List!

This applies to you whether you're cloning "Triple Instant" or not. Watch...

If You Want to Clone the "Triple Instant" Site...

NOTE: These videos and resources will be available Wednesday, January 18 at 9am EST. Thanks!

1. Clone My Pages:

Step One - Grab Siteground hosting here.

Step Two - Grab Thrive Architect here.

Step Three - Grab Your Import Pages here.

Then watch my "Freaky Funnel" setup videos here. These videos were created for a much larger program of mine called Freaky Funnel, which you're free to use as well.

But the setup process is exactly the same for Triple Instant! 

2. Replace My Links With Yours:

Every affiliate link on this page can be replaced with YOUR affiliate links. This means that you can share this page, let MY videos do all of the pre-selling for you, and cash in.

Remember, sharing this page with as many people as possible is the goal. Soon, I'll show you exactly how to do that.

Multiple, effortless streams of income... boom!

Watch the video to see how to use your links. It's easy. :)

3. Load Your Triple Instant Emails:

IMPORTAnT: These are not the same as your "List Infinity" emails. They serve a slightly different purpose.

If you choose to clone "Triple Instant," then you'll be building and managing TWO lists. Twice the effort, many times the reward! :)

If you just want to keep it simple, however, and promote List Infinity directly,  watch the "Begin Your List Infinity List" video above. I provide DFY emails for BOTH lists, so you're covered. 

Watch the video for full details.

Set Yourself Up for Lasting Success!

Experience the power of rotator emails. Watch...

The more follow-up emails you load into your GetResponse account, the more money you stand to make, plain and simple. Most people fail because they simply do not mail their subscribers list nearly enough, if at all.

When you pre-load several months'... or even years' worth of emails, you no longer have this issue. Providing free (and cheap) top-quality email content to good people like you is my specialty.

Check out my Rotator Kit 6-Month Mega Packs via the links below...

All That's Left Is Traffic!

Online marketing is traffic generation. Our income systems and emails mean nothing if we're not sharing them with people. That's the reality. Our job as marketers is to get traffic. no traffic, no instant money. Simple.

When it comes to getting traffic online, you have three main options... 1) Work for it... 2) Buy it... 3) Both.

We'll get into a few specific options below. But first, watch my traffic overview video...

Paid Traffic Methods:

Paid Traffic Method 1 - MLGS:

My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) is a service that not only provides you with up to 200 fresh, new leads per day (per account you have)...

It also includes a built-in mailer that you can use to send out pre-written swipes extremely quickly.

Just never miss a day, and I am sure that you'll see results.

And when we're promoting Triple Instant and/or List Infinity, these results can be absolutely life-changing.

Watch the video, then...

Paid Traffic Method 2 - Solo Ads:

This can be the be-all and end-all to your traffic needs, especially if your INSTANT income funnel immediately breaks you even (or better) on your advertising costs.

Remember, with this process, if you break even, you're rich!

Watch my video and I'll explain.

For quality solo ad providers, stick with me long-term. Also, check out all of the resources available to you in our three systems...

FREE Traffic Methods:

FREE Traffic Method 1 - Launches:

Launching your own products is crazy powerful. This is because you can have a massive army of affiliates sending all the traffic TO YOU! Then, this traffic BUYS!

You can make a little money, sure. But more powerfully, your product and subsequent emails can promote your Triple Instant biz, earning you up to $2900 in instant commissions!

And this type of traffic is more likely to take advantage. :)

Watch the video to learn about the following two buttons...

FREE Traffic Method 2 - Videos:

Obviously, "videos" encompasses a lot. You've got YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and much more.

But hey, if you can do them all, then do!

Shoot one video, share it with multiple platforms. Rinse and repeat. Personally, I like "launch jacking" (reviewing other people's products, but recommending "Triple Instant" or "List Infinity" as the better option)...

That said, TikTok is great, too, Watch my video for details.

FREE Traffic Method 3 - Social:

Social media platforms are a goldmine of potential buyer traffic. 

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. all have MASSIVE platforms with billions of users.

Adriana from IPS is HUGE into social marketing, which is why I highly suggest using her tools and implementing the social traffic strategies taught in IPS.

You can promote Triple Instant, List Infinity, and even your latest videos for engagement, leads, and fat instant commissions!

FREE Traffic Method 4 - Safelists:

Safelists are a good option for folks who don't want to spend a lot of time or mental energy creating content...

But who also don't want to spend a lot (or maybe even any) money generating traffic. This is a cheap/free and easy solution.

That said, it's not going to be the best-quality traffic, as you're essentially advertising to other advertisers. See the dilemma? :)

That said, people do have success with them. Perhaps you will too. It just takes consistency with your ad posting. Good luck!


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