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Let's Begin...

The First Thing I'd Focus On...

My Lead Capture Funnel

1. I'd Find a "Lead-In" Offer.

My very first step would be to find or create my flagship offer. This offer should be...

* Evergreen

* Low-Ticket with Upsells or a High-Ticket Biz-Opp

* Quick to pay out (weekly or sooner)

* Refund-free (or very nearly so)

* Top-quality and highly beneficial to your audience

* Well-supported

* Free from too much niche-specificity (see video)

* I recommend "From Scratch" or "List Infinity"

2. I'd Get My Lead Capture System!

Capturing email leads and following up with them on a regular basis is the name of the game. Knowing this, I'd construct or acquire a system for...

1. Enticing folks with my "lead-in" offer.

2. Putting their email address in my autoresponder.

3. Delivering the "lead-in" offer.

To save you the time of building everything yourself, I've provided you with a "From Scratch" lead capture system. You'll find everything you need over at "Triple Instant."

Once inside, watch the "Your Options (Choose Wisely)" video.

Income System #3: Easy 1UP

This final instant income system really sets this whole thing on fire... in the best of ways! 

Like... how about up to $2500 instant commissions?

With plenty of valuable traffic training, along with super-charged tools and resources to optimize your success, this system has it all, and can have others earning for you, too!

Watch the video for details. Then...

The "Triple Instant" Process:

Step 1 - Choose Your Level:

Level 1 - List Infinity only (if you're lazy haha)

Level 2 - Triple Instant (quick, easy, profitable)

Level 3 - Freaky Funnel (for overachievers)

Each level includes the level below it. Watch the video for full details. Also, be sure to check out Freaky Funnel for more FREE done-for-you emails and resources.

Click the button below to sign up for FREE...

Step 2 - Load Your Emails:

The more follow-up emails you have loaded into your GetResponse autoresponder, the more money you stand to make, plain and simple. 

Most people fail because they simply do not mail their subscribers list nearly enough, if at all.

When you pre-load months' or years' worth of emails, you no longer have this issue. Providing free (and cheap) top-quality email content to good people like you is my specialty. 

Watch the video to see what I offer. Then...

Step 3 - Set Up Your Pages:

This is optional, intended for use by those who are participating in Level 2 (from Step 1 above). 

This will allow you to use "Triple Instant" as your very own! All of the affiliate links and linked money pages will be YOURS.

I'm also including a high-quality lead capture page that leads people into your Triple Instant system. Big time stuff. :)

This is 100% FREE to you.  Watch the video for details.


All That's Left Is Traffic!

Traffic Method 1 - Launches:

Launching your own products is crazy powerful. This is because you can have a massive army of affiliates sending all the traffic TO YOU! Then, this traffic BUYS!

You can make a little money, sure. But more powerfully, your product and subsequent emails can promote your Triple Instant biz, earning you up to $2900 in instant commissions!

And this type of traffic is more likely to take advantage. :)

Watch the video to learn about the following two buttons...

Traffic Method 2 - Videos:

Obviously, "videos" encompasses a lot. You've got YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and much more.

But hey, if you can do them all, then do!

Shoot one video, share it with multiple platforms. Rinse and repeat. Personally, I like "launch jacking" (reviewing other people's products, but recommending "Triple Instant" as the better option)...

That said, Tik Tok is great, too, Watch my video, then...

Traffic Method 3 - Solo Ads:

In addition to being our 1st instant income system, List Infinity also serves as a viral list builder!

In fact, if you want to keep things super simple (no website to set up), you can use it as your sole email lead capture system.

Of course, you can also earn up to $100 paid instantly to your PayPal or Stripe account! Zero waiting to get paid!

Watch the video now, then get started right away...

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